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KTM RC 125 Key Features

  • Maker KTM
  • Model RC 125
  • Engine 124.7cc
  • Power 14.67hp
  • Torque 12NM
  • Gears 6
  • Mileage 40km/l
  • Break Dual Disk

About KTM RC 125

The KTM RC 125 is the smallest bike in KTM’s segments and is quite premium and powerful for its segment. This bike comes with the smallest engine in the RC series, with a 124cc engine. It is a good alternative for those who have just started sports bikes and racing.

This bike is also perfect for those who are buying it for college, work, or any other purpose because it has a smaller engine that is less powerful and comes with many safety features. This makes it a great option to buy, as it not only looks good but also provides excellent mileage.

The KTM RC 125 comes with a 124.7cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, BS norms engine that produces 14.34 bhp of power and 12 Nm of torque. It also has a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper/assists clutch. To improve the bike’s braking, it also has ABS installed.

One of the standout features of the KTM RC 125 is its sleek and sporty design. With its aggressive styling and sharp lines, this bike is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. The bike’s aerodynamic bodywork is not just for show; it also provides excellent wind protection and reduces drag, which makes for a more comfortable and efficient ride.

The KTM RC 125 also comes with a range of features that make it easy and convenient to ride. For example, the bike has a digital instrument cluster that displays all of the essential information that a rider needs, including speed, gear position, and fuel level. The bike also has a comfortable seat and ergonomically designed handlebars that allow riders to maintain a comfortable and natural riding position.

If We Compare This Bike With The Previous RC 125, It Has Undergone Significant Changes. KTM Gave This Bike A Major Update In 2022, Completely Changing Its Front Look And Introducing Several New Color Schemes. Additionally, There Were Many Other Minor And Major Changes, Such As The Airbox, Disc Size, And Weight Reduction.

This bike now comes in two variants in India, one is the standard variant and the other is also a standard variant but now comes with the 2023 BS6 Phase 2 norms engine. Additionally, this bike is available in 4 color options, including silver and black.

The KTM RC 125 Features WP USD Forks At The Front And A WP Monoshock Suspension At The Rear. It Also Has Dual Disc Brakes, With The Front Disc Having A Size Of 320mm And The Rear Disc Having A Size Of 320mm. Additionally, It Has Dual-Channel ABS Which Significantly Improves The Bike’s Braking Performance, And It Is Switchable, Which Means You Can Turn Off The ABS For The Rear Tire.

The Total Weight Of The KTM RC 125 Is 160 Kg, Which, Due To Its Low Weight, Enhances The Bike’s Performance And Makes It Easy To Handle For Short Riders And When Maneuvering. The Bike’s Control Is Also Quite Easy. Moreover, The Bike Features A Trellis Frame That Is Both Lightweight And Strong, Contributing To The Bike’s Stability.

In Its Segment, The KTM RC 125 Is A Superior Bike, And Its Fuel Tank Size Is 13.7 Liters, Which Is Quite Good. Once The Fuel Tank Is Full, This Bike Can Provide A Range Of 500 Km, Which Is Excellent For Long Tours. The RC 125 Also Easily Provides A Mileage Of 40 Km/L. When It Comes To Top Speed, This Bike Can Easily Achieve A Top Speed Of 120 Km/H.

The KTM RC 125 Boasts A Powerful Engine, Capable Of Reaching Speeds Of Up To 120 Km/H, And Features High-Quality Suspension, Breaks, And Tires To Provide A Smooth And Responsive Ride. The Bike’s Lightweight Design Allows For  Acceleration And Nimble Handling, Making It Perfect For Tight Turns And Winding Roads.

If we talk about the performance of this bike, it comes with a 124.7cc engine that produces 14.37 bhp of power and 12 Nm of torque, which is why this bike’s power is quite low in the low and mid-range, but its top-end is quite good, and this bike can easily achieve a top speed of 120 km/h.

Compared to the previous version of the RC 125, it has become even more expensive. Currently, the price of this bike in India starts at INR 1.81 lakh ex-showroom, but if you compare this bike to other bikes, it proves to be quite expensive. Because in this price range, there are many powerful bikes available in the market such as Pulsar NS 160, NS 200, Yamaha R15, and Yamaha MT 15, which come with the same price point.


KTM RC 125 Price

The Price Of KTM RC 125 Starts From 1.81 Lakhs And Its On-Road Price Can Go Up To Around 2.10 Lakhs. This Price Depends On The State You Are In, As The RTO And Insurance Costs Vary For Each State.

KTM RC 125 Review


If We Talk About The Engine, Then You Get A 124.7cc Liquid-Cooled Engine In This Bike, Which Produces 14.64bhp Of Power @ 9500RPM And 12 NM Of Torque @ 8000RPM. Along With This, You Get A 6-Speed Gearbox With A Slipper Clutch In This Bike. Due To The Slipper Clutch In This Bike, Your Rear Wheel Is Protected From Locking When You Change Gears. Additionally, The Engine Performance Of This Bike Is Average, And Due To Being BS6 Phase 2 Compliant, The Engine Refinement Is Quite Good.

Gear And Clutch

The KTM RC 125 Comes With A 6-Speed Gearbox And A Wet Multi-Disc Clutch. The Transmission Is Smooth And Precise, Making It Easy To Shift Gears Quickly And Effectively. The Clutch Is Light And Easy To Operate, Which Reduces Rider Fatigue And Makes It More Comfortable For Longer Rides. Overall, The Gear And Clutch Setup On The KTM RC 200 Is Well-Designed And Provides A Great Riding Experience.


The KTM RC 125 is a sporty bike that packs a punch despite its small size. It has a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that produces 14.5 horsepower and 12 Nm of torque. The bike’s lightweight chassis, sporty suspension system, and top-notch braking system provide excellent handling and maneuverability. With a top speed of around 120 km/h, the KTM RC 125 is a great entry-level sports bike that is perfect for both commuting and track use.

Brake And Tire

If We Talk About The Brakes In The RC 125, This Bike Comes With Dual Disc Brakes. The Front Brake Has A 4-Piston Fixed Caliper, And The Rear Brake Has A 2-Piston Floating Caliper. Additionally, The Front Disc Brake Size Is 320mm, And The Rear Disc Brake Size Is 230mm. To Improve Braking, This Bike Also Comes With DUAL Channel ABS.

Regarding The Tires, This Bike Has 17-Inch Alloy Wheels. The Front Tire Size Is 110/60 17 Inches, And The Rear Tire Size Is 150/60 17 Inches. These Tires Are Also Tubeless And Radial Tires.


If We Talk About The Suspension Of The RC 125, Then It Comes With A Very Good Suspension Setup, Which Includes WP USD Forks In The Front, Which Are 43mm In Size, And WP APEX-Monoshock In The Rear, Which Is 10-Step Adjustable. Due To The Good Suspension Of This Bike, You Will Feel Comfortable And The Jerks Will Be Less Noticeable.

Ktm Rc 125 Mileage

If We Talk About The Mileage Of The RC 125, Then You Get Good Mileage In This Bike. The RC 125 Is Designed For Sports And Race Tracks, Which Requires High RPM And Quick Acceleration, Which Is Why Its Mileage Is Around 35 KMPH. If This Bike Is Driven At High Speeds, Then There May Be A Significant Decrease In Mileage.

KTM RC 125 Top Speed

If We Talk About The Top Speed Of The KTM RC 125, It Has A Decent Top Speed, Which Reaches Up To 120 Kmph And Takes Only 12 Seconds To Reach 0-100 Kmph.


If We Talk About The Comfort Of The KTM RC 125, It Is Designed To Provide A Sporty And Aggressive Riding Position, Which May Not Be The Most Comfortable For Long Rides Or Daily Commutes. The Seating Position Is Forward-Leaning And The Footpegs Are Set High, Which Puts More Weight On The Rider’s Wrists And Can Cause Discomfort After A While.

However, The Suspension Setup Of The KTM 125  Is Quite Impressive, With WP USD Forks At The Front And A WP APEX Monoshock At The Rear, Which Provides Good Damping And Stability On Uneven Surfaces. The Seat Cushioning Is Also Decent And Provides Adequate Support For Short To Medium Rides.


The KTM RC 125  Is A Modern Bike That Features Several Electronic Features. It Includes ABS In Both Front And Rear Disc Brakes, Which Makes Braking Safe And More Controlled. Additionally, It Also Has A DRL (Daytime Running Light) That Makes The Bike Easily Visible While Riding During The Day. Moreover, It Also Includes A Stand Cut-Off Feature That Automatically Turns Off The Engine During The Bike’s Dosage So That The Engine Does Not Get Damaged. Furthermore, It Has An LCD Display That Shows The Bike’s Speed, RPM, Fuel Level, And Other Information. Along With This, It Also Has A Clock That Displays The Time.


In KTM RC 125, You Can See 2 Colors That Come In 2 Variants. One Is The Standard Variant And The Other Is The bs6 phase 2 Variant, Both Having The Same Power Figures. And This Bike Comes In 2 Colors, Which Are Silver and black.


If you’re seeking an alternative to the KTM Duke 125, there are a few motorcycles in the same segment that offer comparable features and performance. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Yamaha YZF-R15: The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a sporty alternative to the KTM Duke 125. It features a 125cc liquid-cooled engine and aggressive supersport styling. The YZF-R125 offers nimble handling, good acceleration, and a sporty riding position, making it a popular choice among entry-level riders.
  2. Honda CB125R: The Honda CB125R is a naked bike that can serve as an alternative to the Duke 125. It comes with a 125cc liquid-cooled engine, a minimalist design, and premium features like an LED lighting system and a digital instrument cluster. The CB125R offers a balanced mix of style, performance, and practicality.
  3. Suzuki GSX-S125: The Suzuki GSX-S125 is another option to consider. It features a 125cc liquid-cooled engine, sharp styling, and a comfortable riding position. The GSX-S125 offers a good blend of performance and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for both urban commuting and spirited riding.
  4. Aprilia RS 125: The Aprilia RS 125 is a sport-oriented alternative to the Duke 125. It is equipped with a 125cc liquid-cooled engine, a race-inspired design, and advanced features like a quick-shifter and an advanced digital instrument cluster. The RS 125 delivers sporty performance, precise handling, and a track-inspired riding experience.
  5. Duke 125: The KTM Duke 125 is indeed similar to the KTM RC 125 and offers the same power output. However, the Duke 125 features a different body style, characterized by a naked design. While the RC 125 has a fully faired body, the Duke 125 has a naked or street-style body with an exposed frame and engine components. Both bikes share the same power and performance characteristics, but the Duke 125 provides a different aesthetic and riding experience with its naked body design.

AT Last

In RC 125, You Get A Very Stylish And Attractive Look, And The Colors And Graphics Of This Bike Have Been Adjusted Very Well, Which Makes The Bike Look Very Good. If You Want To Buy A Sport Bike With Good Power And More Features, Then RC 125 Is A Good Option For You And You Can Buy This Bike At A Lower Cost.


Engine & Transmission

Engine Type 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Max Power 14.7ps
Max Torque 12Nm
Engine Capacity 124.7cc
No. of Cylinders 1
No. of valves per cylinder 4
Bore x Stroke 58 mmx47.2mm
Fuel Type Petrol
Cooling type Liquid Cooled
Type Manual
Number of Gears 6 Speed
Fuelling Fuel Injection

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

Front Brake Type Disc
Front Tyre Size 110/70 x 17
Front Brake Size 320mm
Rear Tyre Size 150/60 x 17
Tyre Type Tubeless
Rear Brake Size 230mm
Radial Tyres yes
Calliper Type Front-4-Piston radial fixed calliper,
Rear-Single Piston floating calliper
Wheel Type Alloy
Front Wheel Size 17Inch
Rear Wheel Size 17 inch
Front Suspension WP USD Forks
Rear Suspension WP APEX Monoshock

Dimensions & Chassis

Kerb Weight 162 kg
Wheelbase 1,341mm
Overall Length 1977 mm
Ground Clearance 158 mm
Overall Width 831 mm
Seat Height 824 mm
Overall Height 1,109 mm
Chassis Type Steel trellis frame, powder-coated

Fuel Efficiency & Performance

Fuel Tank Capacity 13.7 litres
Fuel Efficiency Range 548 km
Reserve Fuel Capacity 2.5 litres
Top Speed 120MAX km/h
Mileage 40 km/l
0 to 60 km/h 5-6 Sec
0 to 100 km/h 12 Sec

KTM rc 125 Features

Odometer Digital
Pillion Footrest Yes
Speedometer Digital
Digital Fuel Guage Yes
Fuel Guage Yes
Start Type Electric Start
Tachometer Digital
Shift Light Yes
Stand Alarm Yes
ABS Dual-Channel
Stepped Seat Yes
Killswitch Yes
No. of Tripmeters 2
Clock Yes
Tripmeter Type Digital
Electric System 12V DC
Low Fuel Indicator Yes
Battery 12V
Low Oil Indicator Yes
Headlight Type Halogen Head Lamp
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Headlight Bulb Type N/A
Pillion Backrest No
Brake/Tail Light LED Tail Lamp
Pillion Grabrail Yes
Turn Signal Yes
Pillion Seat Yes
Pass Light Yes
Braking System Switchable ABS
DRLs Yes

A: The KTM RC 125 is equipped with a 124.7 cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine.

A: The KTM RC 125 produces 14.37 bhp of power and 12 Nm of torque.

A: Yes, the KTM RC 125 comes with ABS to enhance the braking performance.

A: The KTM RC 125 comes with a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper/assist clutch.

A: The KTM RC 125 can achieve a top speed of around 120 km/h.

A: The price of the KTM RC 125 starts at around INR 1.81 lakhs (ex-showroom).

A: The KTM RC 125 comes in four color options, including black, orange, white, and silver.

A: Yes, the KTM RC 125 is an entry-level sports bike that is suitable for beginners who are looking for a bike that is easy to handle and offers a thrilling riding experience.

A: The KTM RC 125 has a fuel tank capacity of 9.5 liters.

A: The KTM RC 125 has a curb weight of 154.2 kg.

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